Denim and its different types


Denim and its different types and classification

Denim has many popular components to create garments worn daily, such as jackets, vests, shirts and skirts, and the most common garment, denim pants; however, this material could seem very alike to inexpert eyes, but there are too many different types of denim and their classification varies depending on the components used on it.

Here are some of the type of denims that exist nowadays:

  • Premium denim – Is the dyed fabric that has not been washed, it is generally treated with chemicals, and it is also known as “dry” denim, it has a darker color and when you touch it, the texture is very rigid, but after it is washes, the color starts washing out, and the denim as well gets softer after some washes.
  • Matt denim – To obtain a washed out and softer denim, the mill manufacture fabrics with elaborated processes such as pressing and mercerizing, which achieves cotton fibers that compose denim to expand, while the rolls of the machinery are in charge of shading the surface of the fabric. Both processes are done as a result of the shiny denim with a softer premium one.
  • Adjustable denim – It is a mix of cotton fibers with spandex weaves, when they are sewing together, you get a more flexible fabric that is used to manufacture adjustable denim pants that can fit any figure.
  • Ring spun – This type of denim is a  little harder to be found, because of the way it used to be producing, by rings that form weaves until the denim is created but this type of fabric fell into disuse in the 70’s, when manufacturers opted for less  expensive options.
  • Organic – Created with 100% organic cotton, regulated by the Organic Trade Association, using sustainable conditions, but due to the materials and treatments the cost to manufacture this fabric is more expensive, and for this reason, this denim is not as popular as the rest.
  • Bull – Known as bull denim, is a crossed cotton denim, it is not dyed and is soft, but is heavier than the denim traditionally used. One of the advantages is that it last for much longer and it is used on other clothing like hats, shorts or purses.
  • Silk denim – A choice for the classic denim, used with regularity as the threads used to manufacture it are silk ones and have enough strength to be sewn with other fibers on the denim.

“In Grupo Denim, we constantly look to innovate ourselves, so we are always searching for different denim combinations that will help us create garments of better quality and to propose new alternatives that will help us satisfy our customers”, commented Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of this company.


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