Denim look


Giving a new meaning to “denim look”

Have you noticed everyone is wearing denim now? The reason is

that denim look has taken new meanings, a pair of jeans, which began their life as a working clothing, are nowadays so popular that everyone is trying to create new looks with them, including super stars. Designers are playing with this fabric in many different ways, giving the denim clothes all type of finishes, decoration, color and fits so that all will find a piece for their very own style.

Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a company dedicated to manufacture clothes, most of them done with them, gave us his impressions about the popularity of denim in the present.

Interviewer: Why do you think denim because so popular in the last few years?

Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal: I believe it is because denim has many advantages, depending on the composition, a garment made of this fabric can be worn at any season, the costs are usually affordable and the garments last longer.

I: We seem to have seen it all about denim; do you think it has more things to offer?

SJMV: Of course, I dare saying we have glimpsed on what denim has to offer to people who loves this fabric; designers are just starting to gamble and are offering more attractive designs every day.

Here are some advices that will help you having a great denim look:

  • For jeans and shirts – When buying a pair of denim jeans, make sure they are not so rigid and fit you well. As for the shirts, look for ones made with a light denim.
  • Accessories – Denim is great for a relaxed look, but if you add it a necklace and some bright heels, you will give your outfit a completely new meaning.
  • Take risks – If you like to play with looks, make sure you have clothes in denim of different shades.
  • Wear more denim – Of course jeans are the most popular, but there are other garments that are as awesome, such as denim dresses or skirts.
  • White and black – Have you tried black denim jeans? If you haven’t done it, go for it. White denim is back so try them on, too.

“Denim is more popular because designs are done for all type of likes, with different designs that have made everyone to look for garments made of this fabric more than ever”, added Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


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