Future of fashion


Future of fashion, what is coming next?

More than ever, attire is a reflex of a life’s philosophy, that is why fashion styles and attitudes are more important than ever for every new season, and designers know this so they are opening their designs to types of public who are more interested in knowing what the future of fashion will be.

Every fifteen years, humanity takes a step that revolutionizes technology and the course of things; we are at the middle of that next step, so we can say we are standing at a limbo until we witness that next change. We are actually seeing the future of the past generations as a reality and it seems hard to imagine new things, but what is left to do? Right now, creating a better today, the same happens on fashion, just when some think trends have already turned around, there are new styles that surprises us.

Artisanal fashion is an example of the revolution, as it is turning stronger than ever, celebrating the handwork, this fashion style offers a new alternative than not much can do, the “do it yourself” style, inviting everyone to create their own artisanal clothes.

Times and forms are also evolving the fashion designs, creating trends that looks for joining old and new styles, past and future, creating complete new designs, making a perfect match.

New designs will offer the result of melting 50’ and 60’ designs with a pop fantasy, using technologic and futuristic materials to manufacture new clothes.

“Future of fashion will propose to fuse old styles with the newest ones, using the most advanced technology and materials to create new designs that the final consumers will for sure love”, advised Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a jeans manufacturer in Mexico about this topic.


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