Fashion rules you can break


Fashion rules you can break and still look great

When we talk about fashion, nothing is written on stone, but there are some basic rules you need to follow and mistakes you would like to avoid when creating your own outfits, as we will show you here.

It is true that fashion styles change often, we do not wear anything similar to what was on fashion for our parents or grandparents, and we can try different combinations with our clothes as there are no rules, but if you want to dare trying on different things, we will show you those mistakes you would need to avoid.

  • Wearing dresses with sneakers – Many people says these two just don’t go well, but have you tried on wearing a white dress with your favorite sneakers? If you want to make this combination, make sure the dress has a total simple cut and the sport shoes are as white as your dress. This is a sporty look for the sneakers lovers.
  • Black and navy blue – Have you heard that these 2 colors do not combine? This is something that in the past no one would dare wearing, but nowadays we can try it, combining these 2 types of colors on your outfit might be the perfect match to wear at the office.
  • Shoes and dresses – Combining your shoes with your dress simplify everything, but this is not a rule you strictly have to follow, you can create a different look with shoes that do not entirely “combine” with your dress, and if you are not daring entirely, remember that nude colors will always be the answer.

“Fashion changes so fast that some people forgets one of the most important rules about it, and it is that you should always feel comfortable with what you are wearing, the first person you would need to impress is yourself, always keep this in mind when you think of your outfits”, said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim, a jeans manufacturer in Mexico.


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