Jeans for each day of the week


Jeans for each day of the week, tips from actual trending

Everybody wants to look original by creating all kind of outfits full of personality and very creative. Influencers have a special gift to create such amazing looks by giving them a fresh look and different style for each day of the week: basics, unique accessories and an atypical fashion touch.


The beginning of the week could be easier with a great look. Denim jeans inspired on the 90’s and a blazer could be a great hero in the middle of a mix of men code.


Fringe jeans are taking over this spring – summer 2016 season. Stylish girls are combining them with a cherry t-shirt and a fur coat.


Good time arrives so why not dress up with denim short? This is the middle of the week so why not show off some legs?


A stylish total denim for Thursday is to have fun so why not putting together straw jeans in a dark shade with a favorite cowboy t-shirt.


Finally! And the bib overall arrives. Add a basic t-shirt and a great lady necktie in order to give a baby doll look.


Party all night long with flare jeans 60’s inspired, a romantic blouse and a leather jacket. Rock and roll!!


The patchwork also has its place on the denim world. This is for a Sunday outfit!

Grupo Denim is a successful manufacturing company located in Mexico that most of its customers are from abroad; therefore, they are always developing new denim jeans styles based on the actual trending. For Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal, its president, women are always a source of inspiration as they always want something new. “Sometimes we just need to reinvent some styles as they love old styles but with a new design or just a new fresh look”, said Salomon Juan Marcos Villarreal.


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