Advices to wear jeans


Basic advices to wear jeans

Everyone has a pair of blue jeans on their wardrobe, their durability, comfort and good price makes this garment to be bought more every day and takes more popularity as it can be worn with different combinations. For this reason, we will now give you some advices to wear your jeans and create unique looks.

“Jeans have the peculiarity to be worn on every time of the year, as well as longing for ages, and for these and many more reasons, they are the favorite garments for many people nowadays”, commented Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.

Here are some advises for you to wear your jeans:

  • Always have in your closet at least a pair of jeans, dark ones can always be worn on a formal way, and lighter ones can give you more volume and can be worn casually.
  • Always check the quality of fabric before you buy your jeans, remember that a fabric of good quality does not have motes.
  • Avoid extra details in your jeans, they can have printing, destruction, extra zippers or many pockets, but not everything on the same garment.
  • Adjust your jeans before you wear them, remember the correct length, not too short that your shoes can be seen, or too long that drags. A tailor can help you adjusting them at the correct length according to your height.
  • Blue jeans will never be out of fashion, so having an extra pair is never too much.
  • Remember to always buy your jeans in stores, check the brands as their durability will also depend of this factor, and remember that cheap jeans can be bought at a “high cost”.

“Nowadays, there is a significant variety of designs, colors and fits that can meet every person’s style, so everyone can create their own outfit by picking up among a great amount of different jeans”, added Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal.


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