Textile Trends 2018


Textile trends for 2016-2017

Textiles for season 2016-2017 will be mainly influenced by three trends that will be applied to different clothe sectors, including sportswear.

Here are the main trends that will be seen on textiles for this year and the one coming:

  • Epoch spirit – This will encourage the clothes manufacturers to make the most with the textiles and possibilities for the living moment, inspiring new and inspiring products.
  • Duality – There is a growing ecological conscious, which is demanding from textile producers to combine sustainable production with ecologic methods.
  • Progression – As its name indicates, it will implement textile sustainability from a wider and global perspective.
  • Hardcore – The hardcore trends will use innovative compositions on fibers and fabrics, helping to improve their performance and maximizing their functions.
  • Circuit – Smart technology is used more than ever, so the textile producers are analyzing this superconductor in order to use it and make progresses on the creation of new textiles, creating art fabrics which clothes producers and buyers like more each day.
  • Activation – This trend describes the main functional factors on the textile world, helping this sector to improve its performance and welfare.
  • Tecvolution – This trend’s object is to transfer a futurist approach to everyday products, with the main purpose to make them reachable for most consumers.
  • Dexterity – The consumer’s optical stimulation of textiles through the proposed colors and prints is very important for the future development of this sector.

“The textile world is influenced by the trends, making the producers to take into account the buyers’ opinions, ideas and concerns, applying them to their factories in order to offer their customers better textiles that will meet most of the consumers’ demands, that is why they need to check on their behavior closely and adapt to their needs”, said Salomón Juan Marcos Villarreal, president of Grupo Denim.


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